Can Investing in Harwood Floors Help you in Home Selling Process?

Investing in hardwood floors may not only increase the value of your home but will also give you a good Return On Investment since most home buyers will actually want to buy homes with hardwood floors, meaning that when the time comes for you to sell your home you will have a better chance of getting a buyer close to your asking price. In the world of evolving real estate, many people are constantly trying to increase their home values by doing such upgrades. There are a number of ways that you can increase your home values and some of them are easy to do such as landscaping but most people have now adopted the trend to add hardwood floors to their homes as opposed to having carpeting. Hardwood floors are more likely to increase your home value thanks to a number of factors;

These floors will make your house look more inviting and give it a warm feel. Also many people have allergies, which reduce their choices only to homes and condos Listings on MLS which have this upgrade already done. This means that your home will be more appealing to prospective home buyers simply because you added hardwood floors. This durability and minimal maintenance will be further appealing to prospective home buyers.

Coming to flooring options which can help in Condo Selling process, Harwood installation will get complex as it needs a layer of plywood underneath for nailing as else you can’t install it. This is the main reason you mostly see Laminate flooring in most Condos with few even having engineered hardwood flooring, as installation of these flooring types is done by interlocking with no nailing required.

In general, hardwood floors & Engineered Hardwood flooring run $3/SqFt – $10/SqFt depending on origin & grading of the wood etc. You will find few even more then expensive then these but fact is that under $5/SqFt, you can get something acceptable to match your existing home interior in good quality. Laminate flooring can start from as low as $1/SqFt. But just take caution, as cheapest is always for a reason.

There are a number of ways that you can employ when installing hardwood floors to ensure that you get the best possible return on investment. You can appeal to prospective buyers by using eco-friendly products when installing hardwood floors. There are a lot of eco friendly materials in the market that you can choose from to use for your hardwood flooring. For instance you can choose to use bamboo flooring as amazing renewable material for your floors. The finished hardwood floors made from these eco friendly materials will have a polished appealing look that will not only add aesthetic value to your home but the monetary value of your home as well.

You should however be careful when buying the eco friendly materials as some people who are claiming to sell the materials will only be out there to cheat you of your money. Do your research to ensure that you have the right material for your flooring and that the material will be both durable and effective. If you are installing the hardwood flooring only for purpose of getting maximum ROI in your home selling process or condo selling process then just go with medium range options giving maximum durability and esthetically pleasing to eyes.


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