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Were you thinking of selling your home without real estate agent / realtor or selling home privately in mississsauga, oakville, milton, brampton, georgetown, vaughan, richmond hill, markham or burlington….you shall rethink again. As now you have choice to get full service real estate agent for mississauga, brampton, oakville, milton and surrounding area who is willing to offer you lowest commissions for listing your house which is far better then listing it on fsbo websites like property guys, by the owner or comfree etc. as even though they are charging you flat fees mls service….selling your house privately is much more then this. There is a lot involved with your final goal i.e. selling your house for maximum price with minimum cost. If this goal was acomplished by selling privately, the ratio of homes selling on private home for sale websites would not have been less then 5% as compared to more then 90% homes which sell on mls. Every body wants to find cheapest way to sell your house. Be assured….there is a limit to how much cheap it can get. If you see a board outside with $0 MLS i.e. list your home on mls for free….you really want to belive it….but can you? You know that there is nothing for free…there is always a catch. You can waste your time exploring these options which will either end up wasting your time and money or you will end up getting in a situation which you never wanted to be in. If you still believe in flat fees real estate agent or flat fee private home selling websites or Zero dollar mls or simply want to get tips on how to sell your home privately….visit www.sellformax.ca/for-sale-by-owner a very informative webpage which will give you lots of tips for selling your home privately or how to sell your home without agent. Whether you are planning to sell condo privately or sell house privately….you will always find our expert tips on privately selling home very handy. You can also download our free report from www.sellformax.ca/home-staging

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  1. Connie says:

    Real etsate you gave a twenty year hypothetical situation ..let me give you a twenty-two year fact based situation .Twenty-two years ago I bought a house for $ 47,000. today I constantly get offers in the $ 700,000. range. That’s for the lot Twenty years ago I bought a three unit building next door to my house for $ 56,000. The land under it is also worth $700,000.!!Now because they’re right next to each other and can be combined into one big parcel developers throw in an extra $350,000-$ 400,000. in their offer.Like one person mentioned ” they ain’t making any more “I’m also very familiar with the ” income property” aspect of real etsate and believe me..you can make a down payment and from there on , tenants pay the mortgage, the taxes, the repairs,the insurance .and your profit. But at income tax time you’re barely making anything ( on paper) because of depreciation and write-offs.I love to invest and a 7% return is a bad year but even twenty good years would never put you in the same ballpark as real etsate .Unless of course you buy the proverbial “swampland” or maybe the guy next door starts raising pigs !!!P.S. The REIT investing that someone else mentioned is one way you can better that 7% per annum you were forecasting.You keep hearing about a “real etsate bust” on the news, etc but believe me that is ” homebuilders” that is not all real etsate. Income/ commercial property the way to go.References :

    • Sami says:

      You have very well explained! I have myself purchased a house in Milton and put it on rent last year….in just 6 months, it have gone up by almost 5% of original purchase, which is almost 40% return on my investment of 20% down. Plus forget the positive cash flow is enough to upkeep the property and keep it rented. Can anyone show me a better portfolio then this?

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