Top 10 Expert Tips on How to Sell Your Home Privately without a Real estate Agent for Maximum Price:

1. Price it Right: Do some research….on what a similar house in your area have sold for recently. Also keep in mind that like you want to save the commissions from Real Estate Agent….Buyer who is approaching you directly also wants to do the same for himself and not for you….who wins in the end is a different story. Over pricing is not the solution as that never helps the Seller whether with or without an agent. If you are not sure of the right price for your property….hire a professional appraiser to do that for you. Cost $300 – $500

2. Hire a Professional Stager: A well presented property always attracts buyer. So don’t try to save here. Get some professional stager who can advice you on what needs to be fixed before you list and how else you should present your property the best. Cost $300 – $500

3. Hire a Professional Contractor: Property which requires facelift/maintenance always puts off the buyer….unless you get a smart one who is waiting for such properties to help him negotiate multiple times then the retail value of such renovations. So not a good idea to try selling the property as is….you will most of the time end up loosing more then required. Cost Varies

4. Make A Virtual Tour: In order for convincing the Buyers to atleast look at your property, you got to present it well online. That you can accomplish by a professionally done Virtual Tour. Find a professional photographer to do the needful on this. Cost $150 – $300

5. Create website for your property: using one of the service providers like godaddy.com. Else take the services of private listing companies….there are tones of them out there. All they do is, give you space on their website, where you can load your property information/pictures and virtual tours or they can load them for you. Some claim to list your website on MLS….what they mean is that your property will be listed on Realtor.ca a public website….which even you can use yourself for your house…..you don’t need any of us for that. This is huge business in the market and cost varies. Remember there is nothing for free in this world….if someone is claiming to list it for free…..ask on what conditions. Cost $0 to $999.00.

6. Post Your Property To Kijiji & Craigslist, but do it right! Sure, we know you’ve probably been using kijiji & craigslist already, but have you been doing it right so that you can benefit from the organic search juice craigslist or kijiji is capable of getting you? Cost $22 – $83/Week

7. Run A Locally Targeted Facebook Ad For Your Property. In no time, you can have an ad for your property live and viewable to thousands of Facebook users in your area! You’ve seen those ads on the right side of facebook right? Your property can be there to attract more buyers….specially prospects who were till now not seriously looking around. Cost $10 – $25/Day

8. Run a Google Adwords Campaign For Your Property. You can position your property so it shows up at the top of the page anytime someone uses google to search properties in your area. This will target people who have just started looking around. Cost $10 – $25/Day

9. Google – “Real Estate In” Your Area. Then go to every agent’s website you find and “Friend” him/her. I think making contact with the ones you see on 1st 10 pages of Google should be reasonably enough. Moving forward, be sure to drop a line or 2 about your property to your Facebook profile on a daily basis. Sure, agents will see your property and approach you for your listing… But the best among them will keep your property in the back of their mind in order to do the best possible job for their buyer clients. The co-operating agents commission is standard 2.5% + HST whether you list your property privately or with an agent. If you would like to avoid this avenue….be assured you are missing on the biggest chunk of most serious buyers…who have already finished their initial research and have now hired a Buyers agent, who exactly understand their needs. So avoiding paying a Buyers agent or offering non standard commissions to them….is the worst idea. Cost 2.5% + HST

10. Dealing with an Offer – Please don’t accept or sign any offer, which you get from any Buyer….there may me multiple things in an offer which may realize only when it’s too late. Show every offer to your lawyer before signing. Cost $100 – $200/Visit.

And finally, if you exhausted the options above, and your property still isn’t sold, give me a ring….I will Provide you most of the above services with our packages starting as low as 0.5%. Now do the math and conclude if it is worth taking all the pain? It is always said….better leave it to experts…..you will always gain more!

We provide the exposure which is required to sell your property. If putting a lawn sign and conducting an open house would sell the house….all agents would have started doing open houses, which as per statistics doesn’t works i.e. Only average of 2-4% homes sell during an open house. Also keep in mind, if some private selling website, which sells 4 out of every 100 homes in GTA shows you lots of good stories about people who have sold on their website….please also review the stories of balance of 96%, who decided not to go that route or tried them and gave up after wasting all that time or sold their house for far below market value i.e. lost more then what they would have paid in commissions.

Exposure is the key to selling this big ticket item. Exposure creates more competition among buyers and therefore a better chance you will be offered a higher price for your home. And then there’s the time and effort put in on behalf of the seller, often eating up weekends and disrupting office hours. So deciding on whether a private sale is for you really comes down to how much time you have to research the market, talk to buyers and how confident you are in your ability to negotiate the sale.

On the surface it seems like a no-brainer: Sell your home privately and save thousands on the commission you would pay to a real estate agent is a common slogan you hear on a sale by owner websites. If it was really something worth it….it wouldn’t have got a ratio of selling less then 4% homes in Canada.

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