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Is Open House Effective in Selling My Home?

Gone are the days when potential home buyer’s or buyer’s agents use to drive around looking for open house signs in their area of interest. Today more then 85% of home buyers start their home search online and don’t waste their time going house to house. If they are really convinced on what is presented to them over the web….they are thereafter willing to invest their time to go and see that property.

Yet to help home sellers understand…..most of the people who visit the open house now are like nosy neighbours who just want to see your home, tire kickers….who can’t afford a condo, but will walk in the open house of a far more expensive home, people who don’t have nearly enough money to consider putting in an offer and even criminals who are there to either steal something from the home during the open house or check out the security system so they can come back later.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to wait for a truly interested buyer, who is willing to invest his time to schedule a private appointment to see your home? That shows more serious and committed buyer rather then someone walking in an open house.

In today’s market….there are far better selling tools then doing a open house. Yet, it is still not a bad idea of giving a very limited exposure to this selling tool…..as it does generates some awareness and helps in spreading the word around. It may also help us show the property to maximum number of buyers in a very short time period. Plus it also helps in getting a first hand feedback from the potential buyers.

Experienced real estate agents help their home sellers prepare their property for an effective and secured open house.